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♛~ Best levels:57

★~ Good levels:4

☠~ Spam levels:0

✔~ Best level streak:55
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♥~ Easy Levels:5

★~ Medium Levels:31

♛~ Hard Levels:22

☠~ Extreme Levels:3

News Section
The editor_teije and Markey tag(50th level on this account) Has been posted, after a long time since my last new level! Throw in a rate or review if you get the chance.

A new video was made by me, it will teach you step by step how to go over the x and y limits of SMF2 so you can make huge levels.

Note that pouetpu games has a 200,000 character limit for level codes so be careful not to make a level too long...

Note: I will be less active on this site, however that doesn't mean I gave up fully on it yet though, chances I will still be online to occasionally chat and mod the site. Maybe also occasionally rate/review levels...If I have the time...

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Last updated on: 9/21/2014
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Total CBGs: 60

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Bypass SMF2 video made by: Markeyruiz97
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Puzzlement Phanto Castle
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Status : Moderator

Age : ??
Location : Florida, USA
Levels : 50
Rates : 12083
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Fans/Friends : 727

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11/22/2014 03:26 pm
Eggs beneDON'T :

It usually worked before, but I always used the old embed code, and now I went to a Youtube video, the old embed code choice wasn't there. I dunno what happened, the code you showed me didn't really work...

11/22/2014 02:59 pm
Orangetack :

I'll try though...

11/22/2014 02:59 pm
Orangetack :

|Sorry, I have no idea how to beat it after the first puzzle. Way too hard for meeeeeee...

11/22/2014 02:27 pm
Eggs beneDON'T :

Um...Markey, I'm trying to put some new music on my profile, but I can't use the old embed code, can you help me? Thanks. :3

11/22/2014 01:49 pm
09dhowell :

SMWR2 World Temple Turmoil IS HERE! A wonderfully unique themed additional course after World 3 with a nice CBG and Custom Music. Please Review/Rate! :D
SMWR2 World Temple Turmoil

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