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  • Might have two more new SMF2 levels to post. One will use desert edition and it will be a huge puzzle level with a lot of backtracking. The other one will use neo edition and it will be more like a standard 240y platforming level.

  • I'm not very active on terms of rating/reviewing levels and being online at this site in general. If you post level ads keep in mind that there might be a chance I won't rate it...

  • Flag counter because why not...
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I just uploaded my 2nd course in SMM, here's a preview of it.

Bowser Jrs Haunted Burner Mansion: Course ID: 3524-0000-0071-2364
  • If you get the chance please give it a playthough and star it. More SMM levels from me coming soon.

  • If you follow me on SMM, i'll be happy to follow you back. I will also be happy to play though your levels and give out stars to your courses if they are good enough.

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10/07/2015 10:45 am
Nuclearstomp :

Yo Markey, this is Nuclear. While I am still not active on this site (and besides an edit I made to an already existing level, still won't be), I decided to check out your profile, and I will keep this id copy/pasted so I can check out your SMM level when I can re-get the game. Since I'm in school I might hop onto the sight when I need something to do, but anyway I can hopefully get your level checked out at some point.
Sincerely ~ Nuclearstomp / Flamenado

10/02/2015 04:24 pm
Brendan :

Hello everyone! I have just released all-new badges, themes, and of course, PG+, which adds dozens of exciting new features to PG through a simple Chrome/Firefox download. At the moment, the Firefox version is being tested, and is not expected to work properly. It is recommended that you download Chrome if you don't have it already:

Then, head over to to find the download instructions. You'll need to install two things, both of which are of course safe to download:

If you need help with downloading anything, please come here and I will help you out:

Thanks, and enjoy PG+!

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