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♛~ Best levels:55

★~ Good levels:5

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✔~ Best level streak:54

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2 of my older levels were updated, see the links below to play then. Also 16 new SMF2 custom BGs were added as well. feel free to check those out.

The 2nd edition of the pouetpu-games guide has been released at last. With the addition of many new sections. Again: Click here to download it, or click here to view it online. Credit goes to Brendant98, who is now our official guide to pouetpu-games for making it.

At this rate(although I said this a few times), I am kind of getting bored of the site, that doesn't mean I gave up fully on it yet though, in fact I am trying my best not to quit, chances I will still be online to occasionally chat and mod the site. Maybe also occasionally rate levels...just don't expect a review from me...

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Status : Moderator

Age : ??
Location : Florida, USA
Levels : 49
Rates : 11924
Website :
Fans/Friends : 685

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08/28/2014 11:26 pm
Eggs beneDON'T :

Hey, Markey, Can you help me find a CGB? It's from Yoshi's Island, Castle, Dark, Round Windows, Help?? Tnx!

08/26/2014 04:28 pm
Zeldamaster12 :

Mitja had a bunch of OSG stuff on his profile, and he spread it to many users (even ones not from Xat), and none of the mods done anything about it. Seriously, how else is she supposed to defend herself?

08/25/2014 02:59 pm
felipe de farias :

there is, my 150f/f's special level. can you rate? are ready for the challenges?


08/24/2014 10:53 pm
SkoplerVision :

I´m glad you like them :)
Yeah I know about the broken URL flaw, when I was new on photobucket I was thinking to orginize some CBGs I uploaded there, but after I move some I saw that error, after that "the forgotten garden" (tag level with Felipe) was not damaged because the CBG was not moved, so I decided to leave it and then orginize a new album, re-posting that image.

Also, I like your CBGs too!

08/24/2014 06:34 pm
Andrew14 :

Hey Markey.

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