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Welcome to my profile! :D

About Luigibonus

I make levels for you to enjoy, and I have around 3000 fair rates/reviews! I post new levels every 2 weeks. I first played SMF1 in 2007, then 5 years later, in 2012, I found Pouetpu-games. I posted my first level back in 2012, which made the good section. I found Markey's chat 5 days after I joined Pouetpu.

Special Levels

Here are all my special levels! Please review them all if you have time please! :)

100 F/F Special
200 F/F Special
300 F/F Special
50th Level Special
Birthday Special 1
Birthday special 2

Super Bonus Flash

Super Bonus Flash is my current series! It has over 60 levels and I'm currently working on new levels on it! Go to the Super Bonus Flash Playlist or the Super Bonus Flash Page to check out more about Super Bonus Flash!


8-4-2014 - Did you know I am working on Super Mario Flash 3? Go to the overview here!
7-10-2014 - Markey's chat is back! Click here to chat with tons of PG users!!
7-10-2014 - I updated the about section of my channel. Be sure to check that before requesting me levels to record!
7-10-2014 - Birtday today! Rate my birthday special!

My Twitter Account

Follow me on Twitter and get the latest updates about what's going on on Pouetpu-games and about my levels!

My YouTube Channel

I have more than 500 videos about SMF1 and SMF2 on my YouTube Channel!
I also record levels for YouTube! You can ask me to record a level of yours, and I will post it on my YouTube Channel! You can request me tons of levels, you can request me a whole series!

Please note that if you request me to upload Hard/Extreme/kaizo levels, puzzle levels and levels like that may be uploaded very late. Read more about this.

Did you know I am working on Super Mario Flash 3? Go to the overview by clicking here!

Status : Bonus Luigi

Age : 14
Location : The Netherlands (Europe)
Levels : 96
Rates : 3123
Website :
Fans/Friends : 364

Favorite level makers : (complete list)

Derpy Hooves

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09/28/2014 03:20 pm
JoJoes123 :

The Nostalgia Contest!
If you would like to join, notify me in my comments section.
Rules: Must have nostalgia. (needs to be based on an actual Mario game; specifically, the original or lost levels.)
Cannot be an exact copy or remake of a level, but it can have certain obstacles or scenery from levels. The person who makes the best nostalgia level wins! (Also 2nd and 3rd places.)

09/28/2014 03:20 pm
JoJoes123 :

In SMF3 please make a hammer throwing bowser!

09/27/2014 01:49 pm
09dhowell :

SMWR2 World 1-Ancient Grove IS HERE! The first unlockable course of SMWR2, fun and addicting! Please Review/Rate :D
SMWR2 World Ancient Grove

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