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Welcome to my profile!

CHECK OUT MY BRAND NEW HACK! Super Mario Flash Pyrogenic Edition! Click here to play it!.

My hacks:

New Super Mario Flash 2
Super Mario Flash 2: Crash Bandicoot Edition
Super Mario Flash 2: Retro Edition
SMF1: Pyrogenic Edition

Super Mario World DX

This is a brand new SMF2 series made by me. Toadsworth has gotten a letter from Princess Peach saying that you have to go her castle. But what happens next? Find out in the next level. First, play the first level first:

Super Mario World DX: World 1-1 | Princess Peach's Letter

My website - check out my hacks, Pouetpu-games tutorials, level making tips and way more here!

My YouTube Channel - Check out my channel where I upload the best collection of levels!

My Twitter - Check out some PG and level making updates on my Twitter.

Satoru Iwata, company president of Nintendo, has sadly passed away. Thank you Iwata for all the great games and consoles you gave us. :(

Status : Bonus Luigi

Age : 15
Location : The Netherlands (Europe)
Levels : 134
Rates : 3315
Website :
Fans/Friends : 405

Favorite level makers : (complete list)

Derpy Hooves

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08/02/2015 08:37 am
VladutUser :

Please rate the levels


08/01/2015 02:54 pm
09dhowell :

SMBW3 Chapter II IS HERE! A challenging level set in the city with backtrack and an autoscroll second half! Please Review/Rate!

Super Mario Bros: WARPED 3 - Chapter II

08/01/2015 01:22 pm
BrawlerDayComics :

InsaneSanic is working on it :P

08/01/2015 01:00 pm
BrawlerDayComics :

Thank you next up :P

07/31/2015 08:50 pm
BrawlerDayComics :

Also I'm sorry for making you hurry I didn't know u started the tag :P

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